Registration Requirements

Entries from out of county, state, country, and private schools

  • Age and legal name verification-Must provide one of the following:
  1. Duly attested original birth certificate or birth card-Must be original: hospital certificate not acceptable
  2. Duly attested Certificate of Baptism with a parent affidavit
  3. Insurance policy on the child’s life in force for two years
  4. Bona fide bible record with parent affidavit
  5. Passport or Certificate of Arrival in the U.S. showing age of child
  6. Transcript of school records of at least four years prior, stating date of birth
  7. Affidavit of age signed by parent and Certificate of Age signed by public health officer.
  • Verification of Address- Must provide two of the following
  1. Broker’s or Attorney’s statement of parents’ purchase of residence or properly executed lease agreement
  2. Current Homestead Exemption Card
  • Health Requirements-Must provide both forms:
  1. Student Health Examination – DH 3040 yellow form, health examination performed within one year prior to enrollment
  2. Florida Certificated of Immunization – DH 680 blue card from a private doctor or local health provider
  • School Records
  1. For grade placement and verification of credits earned.
  2. Interpretation of foreign records at no cost available from Attendance Services


Transfers from another Miami-Dade County Public School

  • Parent or legal guardian must bring a withdrawal slip from sending school
  • Proof of address in name of parent/Guardian